By Texans for Texans

Texas Ranger Pure Whiskey Tee

    Cincinnati has deep ties to Texas history. Twin Sisters, anyone?

    In the 1880's, the world was captivated with cowboys, Texas Rangers and all things Texas. Two successful Bavarian liquor distillers in Cincy sold Texan Ranger Pure Kentucky Whiskey. This was their liquor label. We deduct points for historical accuracy on the part of the lithographer depicting what a Ranger looked like, but we love it just the same.

    We suggest ordering a size up, as this tee blank can run a bit snug. Both colors are 100% cotton. Size guide is below:

    S 28 36
    M 29 40
    L 30 44
    XL 31 48
    2XL 32 52
    3XL 33 56