By Texans for Texans

Texas Come and Take It Barrel Head

    The Gonzales "Come and Take It" flag has become the icon for Second Amendment rights in the 21st century. This is our take on it, in the guise of a barrel top.

    Maybe you have a man cave. Or maybe your entire house has that man cave aesthetic. Man cave or not, you definitely have Texas pride....and walls. We strongly advise hanging this on one of them.

    We found the smells of reclaimed barrel heads to be too...distracting. They didn't hold engraving well and weren't the size we wanted.

    So we had these crafted up for us. Handcrafted of birch and poplar in the Southern U.S., each is laser engraved with our design. Then the deep engraving is filled with ink to give the design a deeper, richer look. 

    Each measures about 20" in diameter and comes ready to hang.

    These are made for us upon request, so please allow 2 weeks for it to be crafted and shipped to you. It's worth the wait.