By Texans for Texans

Siempre Tejas Texas Origins Tee

    Our brand, Semper Texas, means something: Always Texas.

    Here it is in the languages that make up the historical core of our Texas culture:
    English - Español - German - Czech
    ...set in the colors of the flag we hold dear.

    Because, at the end of the day, our history is what made us Texans and we should remember that many beautiful ingredients have gone into the Texas melting pot.

    Do you know of a better place to melt?

    Available in black, navy blue and maroon, sizes XS to 5XL. All are 100% cotton. This is a lightweight shirt perfect for those days when Texas feels like the surface of the sun.


    XS (inches) 27 31-34
    S (inches) 28 34-37
    M (inches) 29 38-41
    L (inches) 30 42-45
    XL (inches) 31 46-49
    2XL (inches) 32 50-53
    3XL (inches) 33 54-57
    4XL (inches) 34 58-61
    5XL (inches) 35 62-65