By Texans for Texans

Remember the Alamo Large Wall Hanging

    Victory or Death. A line in the sand. Remember the Alamo!

    The whole world knows these words, but they are tattooed on your Texas soul. This image speaks for itself. And on your wall it will speak for you, telling the world what you believe is important.

    Here is the silhouette of the Shrine to Texas Liberty and the battle cry of San Jacinto. The words "Never Surrender, Never Retreat" are repeated 53 times throughout the design.

    Measures a big 59" wide by 50" tall. Woven poly material, treated to protect it from UV fading, so you can hang it anywhere you like and it will retain its awesomeness. If you have a well protected porch, you could hang this piece outdoors. Grommets at each corner for easy hanging.