By Texans for Texans

About Us

Semper Texas is the second brand of Texas-themed products by lifelong friends, Michelle and Mark. They launched Copano Bay Press in 2006, publishing books about the history of Texas. Later, as better equipment was within reach, they branched out into maps and fine art prints. But the subject matter was always the same - always Texas.

In the fall of 2018, Michelle was shopping for some awesome Texas tees to sport while tending to family business in California. But all of the "I heart Tacos" designs that apparently now pass for Texas pride made her run screaming from the computer. Tacos are just trendy, guys...and they damn sure aren't unique to Texas. If all Texas means to you is tacos and Matthew McConaughey, then you don't understand Texas. 

Anyway...on the drive back from that California trip, Michelle brainstormed shirt ideas that reflected her love of Texas culture & history. Back home, she designed those shirts. Then coasters. Then blankets and housewares. She spent the next eight months wearing (and washing) the shirts to make sure they held up well. As a matter of fact, every product offered here has been put through its paces by a very picky woman.

Her favorite design was a simple one. In a weathered type face, it spelled out Semper Texas - always Texas. Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?