By Texans for Texans

Alamo - Never Surrender, Never Retreat shirt
    The thirteen days of the siege, battle, and fall of the Alamo added three iconic phrases to the world's lexicon:

    A line in the sand.

    Victory or Death!

    Remember the Alamo!

    The world knows them, but they are tattooed on the Texan soul.

    Col. William Barrett Travis drew that line in the sand with the tip of his sword.

    "Victory or Death!" was born in his heart and flowed from his pen.

    And we remember the Alamo because Travis and the rest of the defenders gave their lives for Texas.

    This iconic Remember the Alamo design, features the outline of the Shrine of Texas Liberty plus something else from the heart of Col. Travis and the Alamo Defenders. Repeating subtly within the shape of the church is "Never Surrender Never Retreat."

    This shirt is the perfect weight for sizzling Texas summers and for layering during our bipolar winters. Very soft combed cotton. Semper Texas logo on the right sleeve.